Åbo experiences

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Roadtrip through archipelago

Pia is a lovely guide and even picked us up from our apartment! She was lovely to talk to, and showed us several areas off the beaten track. We were able to experience the beauty of the archipelago in a way that would have been impossible otherwise. All this for a very reasonable price! Also, her puppy is absolutely gorgeous!

Mushroom picking

Couldn't make it personally, but Johanna was highly agreeable and understanding of my predicament. Mushroom picking is great though, and I'd highly recommend any and all people to acquaint themselves with the sport. That said, this would be an opportune avenue for doing just that. :)

Roadtrip through archipelago

I really enjoyed my trip through the archipelago. Pia showed me interesting local places I would not have been able to see on my own. I can definitely recommend this trip to everyone who would like to see the archipelago, its history and the everyday life of the people living there from a different and unique perspective 😊