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Owl experience in Ruissalo

Awesome! My first time ever doing Owl Watching and it was an excellent experience which I will for sure remember all my life. Spotting Owls no further than 5 kilometres from the city centre is unbelievable, we're juat being spoiled here in Finland... smiley.
Tomi from Doerz

Meet Santa Claus

Santa visited us in a shopping centre's family event and truly brought joy for all the visitors! He's great with kids as well as adults, talkative and joyful personality. Totally authentic and with no hesitation I will ask for him again once I feel a need to meet the Santa!

Turku Outdoor - Cold Swimming & Sauna

I had a wonderful time and Samuli was an excellent guide. He showed me a part of Finland I would have never discovered on my own. If I am ever back to Finland I will definitely reach out to him again!