Art and Galleries in Tampere

Learnin by breathing Art with artist.

Tammerfors, Finland
Tillgänglig på finska och engelska
2 timmar
8 platser per evenemang
maj - december
Normalpris: 30 €
Barn: 10 €

Vad ska vi göra

Artist can show how he is working at his homestudio. You can also try oil colors, watercolors, paint on stone, wood or other materials. You can make your own mask or nature still life.
You can feel how doing with hands gives you energy and empowers you to observe surroundings in a new way. Therapeutic moment in the heart of City.

Om Elina – Doern

Artist's way of making art, breathing and discussing with Nature and surroundings is touching. He also mixes different materials unexpectedly. Life is an adventure with home artist.

Särskilda krav

Some Steps to studio.

Visit Tampere marknadsför sidan, men är inte ansvarig för innehåll, eller försäljning av upplevelserna.
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