Want to have a holistic Finnish Sauna experience?

The spirit of the steam is revived in an ancient sauna ritua

Tillgänglig på finska, engelska och svenska
3 timmar
10 platser per evenemang

Vad ska vi göra

The Finnish nature is brought into the Sauna ritual with bath wisks
made of many different wood species. With the wisks the Sauna attendant is
taking care of the spirit of the steam and giving treatments to people in
In Sauna ritual hot sauna and cooling off take turns.
The nature is also part of the Sauna ritual with relaxing and cherishing footbath.
As part of the deep Sauna ritual the body is treated with peeling agent.
During the Sauna ritual person is floated in cool water. It is a magical
experience to relax in cool water after the hot Sauna.

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