Traboules and secrets of the Lyon old town

Discover secret passages of the medieval Lyon

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The Old Town of Lyon one of the biggest and best-preserved Renaissance areas in Europe. Our walking tour takes us to the heart of Lyon’s history. This is where everything started almost 2000 years ago. Experience an authentic medieval atmosphere and admire beautiful architecture while adventuring in the numerous secret corridors called “Traboules” which can take you through entire buildings. If the little Sherlock inside of you got curious, come with me. Let’s go and find them!

Om Liisa – Doern

I’m a French and Swedish teacher from Finland who loves to travel and meet new people. About four years ago I came to Lyon and fell in love with this beautiful city. I’d like to share my personal high lights of Lyon with you and show how special this city really is. Once you get to know all the stories and see the secrets of this over 2000-year-old city, which is by the way European capital of gastronomy, you will be in love too.
My other true love is my hometown Helsinki.

Join me on a walk in beautiful and versatile Lyon.
My tours are available in French, English, Finnish and Swedish.


Nice tour for architecture lovers. The facades are fascinating and you can feel the history when you walk through the corridors.
Liisa knows where to find the secret traboules and has many interesting insights of these historical buildings! I recommend to have this walk, you won’t find these secret places yourself!
Even if I've been to Lyon many times I've never seen it the way I saw it with Liisa! She knows the secret passageways and has a wealth of information about the city. A must-do when in Lyon!
Those hidden places were very interesting and at the same I heard lot of history of Lyon. Thank you for nice tour!
Wonderful tour! Corners and places of the old town I would not have found without Liisa! Merci Liisa, tu m'as montrée des places magnifiques que j'aurais jamais trouvées sans toi.