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Eat Like a Local - Dinner Experience

Superb venue and hosts, lovely food. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Thank you so much Sandra and Agnese!

Private visit to husky home and 10km sled ride

Thank you so much for our amazing husky ride experience today. We really enjoyed it and thought it really did immerse us, we loved the chat and bbq too and the floors were so patient with us. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did :)

Be a musher! 25km husky ride

Dear Antti and Aksana, It was amazing. We’d like to thank you for a beautiful tour with the Huskies. They are so kind. A great Huskies-tour, About ca 25 km on the frozen lake and the forecast as well to. Even the BBQ was super. A wild-outdoor fire with sausage and mustard with berry-juice and a tee. So after we could play and cuddling with 16-17 dogs. So good luck for the future and we wish you al the best. Hope sometimes to come back. Anja and Hans Sangers-Schaefer
Anja and