Investera i Doerz

Välkommen ombord!

We are unlike the others. We do things in new ways. We like to shake the traditions of our industry.

Following our own path is at the heart of Doerz's success. Let the results speak for themselves: we managed to not only double but triple our turnover as Covid-19 stormed around us. We have tackled the difficult times by making sales records, visitor records, and campaign records. Above all, our team of seven, and all the wonderful experience producers around us, have been working harder than ever.

Doerz is a growth company owned by our own staff, our experience providers, our customers, and the community around us. This is not the typical way of doing things, but for us it’s just perfect. We have a track record to show that it is working. With our share issue, you now also have the opportunity to join Doerz’s success story.

We have made participation as easy as possible. You can join with a minimum investment of as low as 295 euros. Financial information and more detailed backgrounds can be found on our Fundu website, through which the actual investment is also handled.

Welcome aboard. For more information contact our CEO Tomi Virtanen:

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Kapital som ska samlas in
0 – 150.001,60 €
Antal delningar
Värde före investering
1.998.300,50 €
(fully diluted shares 607.366)
Andel ägande
6,98 %
Delat pris
5,90 €