Glitter photo shoots in nature!

Photo shoot in the forest:)

Tillgänglig på finska och engelska
3 timmar
4 platser per evenemang

Vad ska vi göra

Our trip will take us to the most magnificent spots around forests of Capital area. The cool thing about these activity is that it just super fun. Getting to see some nature and having those holiday photos that others can be just dream about. We will take small hike while looking perfect spots, do glitter-makeup and let our photographer take care off the rest. Photos will be handed over to models after the day in the woods. We´ll as well prepare lunch or dinner in the woods.

Om Ida Packalén – Doern

We started to do this just to have fun few years ago. One trip to summer cottage and photo shoot later, me and my friends were hooked. These combines it all. Friends, nature, doing things together and just having fun. So why not to keep these party going.

Särskilda krav

Nothing. Just take your happy face with you.