Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy and refunds

Cancelling your experience booking is free of charge until (minimum of) 14 days before the scheduled event. Doerz will not, however, return the service fee / ticket fee, which is always non-refundable in cancellations. The service fees / ticket fees can be found from the booking confirmation that has been sent to the email address you provided us when booking the experience and are never more than 20 per cent of the total booking amount.

Less than 14 days before the scheduled event, there are no option of cancelling the booking nor any refunds for the customer.

Event organizers always have the option of cancelling the event free of charge in Force Majeure (inc. covid19 or such) situation. In such case, the booking is 100% refunded for the customer. There is additional guidance for the event organizers regarding covering the service fee / ticket fee etc. when cancelling the event officially and properly through the platform.